Submission Instructions / Rules:

  1. You must be (or have been) homeless. If you are not currently homeless, the photographs must have been taken when you were homeless.
  2. Include a photograph and  a narrative about the photo.  A paragraph or two would be lovely.  (Suggested: 250 – 1,000 words)
  3. Please include your name and email address.  Neither will be displayed in your posting.  This is how I can get in contact with you regarding your post (e.g. contests, exhibitions, problems, etc).
  4. Including a URL (e.g. your website,  your social media page, etc) is optional but will help people connect with you online.
  5. Here are some helpful tips to improve your storytelling.
  6. For non-fictional stories, everything you submit is true and factual to the best of your knowledge.  Tell no lies.
  7. By posting on this website you agree to our Terms & Conditions as well as our Community Standards.
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