About the Project

Mission Statement

To provide a vehicle for the homeless to share photographic narratives, show us what they see and experience, and to provide them an opportunity to be self expressed.


Photographic narratives about the homeless are not a new concept. They have been around for a very long time. The folly of non-homeless people doing photographic narratives of the homeless is that they often are imbued, curated, and editorialized with non-homeless biases. It occurred to me, that it might be more interesting to see how the homeless see the world. With the increasing level of smartphone ownership among the homeless, I create a blog to provide a common vehicle to display and curate the photographic narratives that the homeless are interested in sharing with the world.

¬†About the Project’s Director

AleAlec Dawsonc Dawson is a Mexican-American photographic artist who has been doing art photography since 2007. Alec was born in Mexico City in 1975 and has lived in the United States of America, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Turkey, and Australia. Alec studied and received a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley and has worked as a consulting engineer in that field since then. He has no formal training in the arts and is almost entirely an auto-didact on the subject of photography. Alec enjoys exhibiting his photographic art on the internet and local exhibitions as well as giving lectures to photographic societies.


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