My hope

This is a picture I took of a print of my digital artwork. I studied animation at Morehead State University in Kentucky. The satellite in the picture was part of my most ambitious project. It was so ambitious that 1990’s computers couldn’t handle it. Even though it was science fiction, I wanted this satellite to look like objects that have actually been in space.
I look at this picture every now and then and think about how my animation skills are the highest paying skills I have and how that makes finding some way to freelance with them my best chance of staying off the streets once I finally leave them. Of course, I specialized in that field because I love it, also. Much of the time that I have spent at the library has been going online and researching my dream setup if I were freelancing as an animator. I have dreamt of the right computer, monitor, input tablet (with the tablet on an easel next to the desk), motion capture devices, and other things that make your eyes glaze over like my mom’s did when I try to explain them.
I have also thought about how to get there. I know that the equipment to be a graphic designer (the job I held right out of college) is much cheaper. I’m not sure how to get to the graphic design stage from where I am now, but the thought that I will find a way, no matter what, gives me hope. I didn’t work all those years for this. I will find a way.

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