3 Generations, 1 love

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Dad is no longer with us. This is from his journal, which we cherish. Page 1 William Warren Bostic

~”I’ve asked myself why I’m the way I am, and I suppose to myself I do the best I can to be my own best friend, yet at times I feel so lonely. A tormented mind is sad my dear friend. Disillusions and sorrow, no fun they depress even the best of us with twisted emotions and strife. Dragging ill fated past to present in a waste and indeed has little moral in positive nature except that belonging to poverty. I must face insecurity with the brightness of light that promotes faithful integrity, yes serenity and each battle won shall be a blessing. So my now, my today, I pray for the lonely, the lost and the poor as well and the rich and secure. My time is not wasted in vain. “

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