Page 3: Me and my avatar


The last year has changed me…. or maybe I was changing and it took the last year to begin to see what I am to become. Cus whatever that is… “Me” I don’t have a clear picture yet.
Thats what it’s to have organic personality disorder. Not knowing who you are, because who you were…. is gone.
What I do know, is I will never be the person I was before the TBI. (I used to be more “girly,” and now I don’t wear dresses and I cut my hair into a mohawk.)

And what I’m starting to suspect… that I’m never gonna be like I was before I went into the hospital, even.

I’m alot angrier. And fearful. And sad.

This is me and my avatar, trying to figure out what the f*ck we are.

I got one thing though…. Zaffre

Whoever I am now…. Thats my favorite color. Its like Cobalt Blue, with a little purple mixed in.

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