Christmas Eve 2015


December 2015, my mother and I are living by ourselves and our relatives are in other countries and continents. Faced with the spectre of trying to celebrate a family oriented holiday with just the two of us, we started scratching our heads to determine what we were going to do for the holiday.

It occurred to me that in lieu of buy in each other presents or making a lavish holiday dinner (for two?), that we could do some good for others during this melancholic time. I called several organizations that the the homeless and was surprised to find that there are an excess of volunteers and food donations during the Christmas holiday. I spoke to the director of Dignity Delivers, inquiring how I could help. She recommended that we buy and hand out tarps. I purchased 80 tarps and some paracord via some wholesalers on the internet.

On the morning of December 24, 2015, my friends, my mother, and I handed out 80 tarps to the homeless in downtown San Diego. The supplies went quickly, it really wasn’t enough for the number of homeless in that area of downtown.

That is when I met, Martin. Martin has inspired me to pick up the proverbial torch and create this website as a means for the homeless to share their photographs along with their stories. (This post is dedicated to you, Martin.)

I’ve created this website / project to┬áprovide a vehicle for the homeless to share photographic narratives, show us what they see and experience, and to provide them an opportunity to be self expressed.


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